HAUX-AIRFIT/LP- and HP supply with distribution-panel





HP-Compressed air storage system

LP-Storage vessels

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Gas Supply

HAUX-LIFE-SUPORT delivers the gas supply for your chamber system.

All components of the gas supply are designed  to garantee a save chamber operation any time.
For the supply of air, oxygen or mixgas clear arranged distribution panels are designed.

For the supply of mixgas HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT delivers gasmixer to adjust individual gas mixtures.
The gas supply system mainly consists of following parts:

Low pressure system:

  • Low pressure compressor
  • Air conditioning system HAUX-AIRFIT for breathing air quality to EN 12021
  • Air storage tanks according the size of the chamber system
  • Distribution panel

High pressure system:

  • High pressure compressor
  • High pressure bottle storage
  • Distribution panel